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Retell the News

Every week, our Week in Rap Shout-Out Contest gives students an opportunity to win a shout out for their school in the next Week in Rap. Here at Flocabulary, we put the news into song every week. News articles are a great way to learn about current events in detail, but other formats can make the big picture easier to understand. For this week’s contest, we challenged you to retell a news story in a different form of media. A comic strip, an infographic, a video—any format that can tell the story.

Our winner this week is Charles Britt Academy in St. Petersburg, FL. They created two incredible WIR-style news retellings. Check them out!

A man, that man Sammy Watkins, I think he’s the best rookie receiver in the league, ain’t no lie, man
Are you serious? Do you know who Kelvin Benjamin is? I’ll give you a clue, BCS Champs.
Man, Sammy got records freak, a championship
But y’all wanted it.
Yeah, right man.
Kelvin, Kelvin, A-yeah, yeah, yeah

That boy Sammy Watkins is Mr. Clemson, man
Came to the league with bills in his hand
1st round pick, It can’t be beat
4th round overall, man, the bill got them a treat.

Kelvin Benjamin helped the Seminoles win
Caught a touchdown as the game neared the end.
1st round too, 25th overall
He came to Carolina, him and Cam gonna ball.

In the preseason, Sammy broke his ribs,
He said “I’m still going to play, as long as I live.”
Ok, Sammy broke records too,
He’s in the NFL, but he ain’t through.

Kel Ben left Miami and came to the Noles,
He wanted touchdowns, forget field goals
Got a ring last year, so you know he’s a winner
And this is his first year, he’s no beginner.

At 6’2” weight 222
When Sammy gets the ball you don’t know what to do
Kel’s 6’5” and 239, if it’s a jump ball,
He’ll tell you, “It’s mine.”

Ok, your boy Kel’s good, but Sammy’s my favorite
So I’ll say that they are equal because both of them made it.
I’ll say that’s one true but let’s make one thing clear,
May the best man win Rookie of the Year!

I’m just a young youth at Charles Britt Academy,
Word on the news that Ebola spreading rapidly
Turn on the news, one thing that you always see,
ISIS and their government, what a sad tragedy.
Prices on the gas getting lowered, don’t that seem good?
But police harassing black males living in the hood.
Hong Kong students have views that were skeptical
On how to conduct the 2017 municipal
Ebola breaking out as a worldwide spread
Eight people had it in the U.S., now one is dead.
Somebody jumped the fence at the White House again,
The secret service sent a dog in, and it bit the man.
An Iraq soldier killed 14 civilians,
Now he’s facing time, many years in prison
The Canada shooting was a terrorist attack
A gunman shot a solder and the soldier got whack.
This is breaking news around the world,
Breaking news, Ebola spreading round the world
Terrorist attacks really fearing the world,
Breaking news, breaking news around the world.

Thank you to everyone who entered this week! Don’t forget to enter this Friday’s Week In Rap Shout-Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out on November 14.