Flocabulary's New Vocab Cards Feature

Deepen Students’ Vocabularies with Flocab’s New Vocab Cards

It’s launched! 🚀 Here at Flocab HQ, we’ve been hard at work all summer to bring you new features for back to school. This year, we’re going back to our roots and bringing you a powerful new feature to support and increase vocabulary acquisition: assignable vocab cards.

An Introduction to Flocabulary Vocab Cards

Vocabulary is at the core of everything we do at Flocabulary (after all, it’s in our name…!). Our new vocab cards allow students to build their knowledge of vocab words taught in Flocabulary videos and practice creativity through writing and drawing.

We designed our vocab cards to emulate graphic organizers for vocabulary instruction, like the Frayer model. Every vocab card includes a definition, its part of speech, and the word used in a sentence. Many cards will have a corresponding image, with more to come throughout the year. Take a peek at how it looks:

Write & Draw Definitions with Vocab Cards

Most cards will include a space for students to write their own sentence or example using the vocab word in context, as well as a space to draw a picture of the definition—a great learning opportunity for visual learners.

(Yes, there’s a reason I’m not on our talented creative team… I accept that my doodling skills are subpar at best.)

For certain vocab words—such as proper nouns that are people, like in social studies units—students will connect the vocab word to either another vocab word, or their own background knowledge.

What’s more, work that students do on a vocab card extends beyond the unit where they complete it to all places on the site where that word appears. When students discover a vocab word they have already written about or drawn in another unit (maybe even in a different subject!), they’ll see their original work.

Students can continue to edit that work at any time—as students learn and grow with Flocab across subjects and grade levels, they can update their writing and drawing to reflect that.

See how the work on the “modify” vocab card remains consistent between a Word Up and science unit:

Vocab cards are also accessible from the lyrics and reading passages so that you and your students can study the vocab words in context.

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Assign Vocab Cards to Students

Teachers can assign any combination of vocab cards to a class, in addition to our existing assignable activities (video, reading passages and questions, quiz, and Lyric Lab). The shiny new look and feel of our unit page makes it easier than ever to assign Flocabulary units to students (more on that here):

Once a vocab card has been completed as part of an assignment, teachers can grade each card and provide feedback to students via commenting.

Try Vocab Cards Today

Vocab cards are available across Flocabulary starting today, so try it with your students this school year, and let us know what you think! Shoot us a tweet, or drop us a line at info@flocabulary.com.

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