New Features For Flocabulary Back To School 2017

Explore Flocabulary’s Back-to-School Updates

Team Flocab has been hard at work these past few months, bringing you new features and updates that will help you teach content area vocabulary. Our new assignable vocabulary cards and unit redesign were built to make teaching standards-based content and skills through the Flocabulary platform smoother and easier. Here’s an overview:

Introducing Vocab Cards

We are excited to bring a new teaching tool to the Flocabulary instructional sequence: vocab cards. Now, students will create meaning and build knowledge of the very same vocab words used in Flocabulary videos, reading passages, quizzes and Lyric Lab.

With roughly 10-15 cards per unit, students will develop content-area vocabulary and literacy through writing sentences and examples and drawing definitions:

Just like our videos, reading passages and questions, quizzes, and Lyric Lab, vocab cards are also assignable to students. Get the full scoop on vocabulary cards, including how to assign them, in this post.

Students who are engaged are students who excel.

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A New Look for Unit Pages

The next time you log in to Flocabulary, you’ll notice every unit page has a totally new look and feel! We’ve brought some big changes to make it easier to teach with Flocab.


Flocabulary's New Unit Page for Back to School


Flocabulary's New Unit Page

Namely, we’ve revamped our left menu—paring down the number of sections from upwards of a dozen to five—and grouped Flocab features into each section to make it easier for you to navigate.


All the tools you need to engage students, including:

  • Flocabulary video
  • Lyrics
  • Quick Review
  • Discussion mode (formerly Pause & Play)

Our brand new vocabulary cards (more on that here).


Reading passages and questions that dive deeper into the content and skills in the video and let students practice close reading.


The assignable assessment you’ve grown to know and love.


Jump into this section to find Lyric Lab, where you can write your own rhyme using the vocab words used in the video, discussion questions, quick review, quiz, reading passages and vocab cards.

Found at the top of every unit, this section includes:

  • Unit Overview: Here, you can find the recommended grade range and description of the content, skills and vocab taught in the unit
  • Handouts: This is a one-stop shop for everything you want to print for the unit, from the lyrics to the quiz to the custom unit printable activity
  • Lesson Plans: These are available on select units
  • Standards Alignment

We’re thrilled to bring these updates to your classroom in time for a new school year. As always, we want to know: How are we doing? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, drop us an email, or leave a comment here.

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