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Develop Reading Skills with Flocabulary’s New Feature, Read & Respond

The Flocabulary team has been working diligently over the past year to bring exciting and practical new features to classrooms this fall. To familiarize you with our shiny new Flocab, we’re sharing the low-down on each of our new features on the blog.

To start, let’s review our new reading feature, Read & Respond. This new addition empowers students to develop close reading and content area literacy skills in select Flocabulary units, and we’re pretty pumped to share it with you.

How does Read & Respond work?

Read & Respond provides short, assignable reading passages and practice questions that are based on content presented in the unit’s video and lyrics. Students can dive deeper and think more critically about the unit’s content and simultaneously practice their reading skills. Read & Respond passages are based on both fiction and non-fiction texts, and the workflow emulates a similar structure to what students will experience on high-stakes tests.

To keep the learning experience streamlined, students answer questions right within the Flocabulary unit.

Here’s a glimpse of how Read & Respond works:

When students complete a Read & Respond activity, responses are sent directly to the teacher’s classroom dashboard, where they can review the data at the class-wide or student level. See?

Try Read & Respond for Yourself

Even fancy gifs can’t replace using it with your students.

How do I use Read & Respond in the classroom?

Read & Respond is a flexible teaching tool that can be tailored to different instructional approaches. It can work both as a front-of-classroom approach or independent activity for each student. To ensure all educators can reap the benefits of Read & Respond, we’ve made it available for all subscription types, too!

As this is a gradual roll-out, Read & Respond will be available on reading, writing and grammar ELA units, and all new Week in Rap and Week In Rap Jr. videos starting in late July 2016. We’ll be continuously adding Read & Respond to Flocabulary units in the coming school year, too! Check back here to see our most up-to-date list of Read & Respond units:

Give Read & Respond a test run today and sign up for a free 30-day Flocabulary trial.

Questions? Let us know through the feedback widget, found in the bottom right corner on every Flocabulary page, or at Happy reading!

*Teacher dashboard data is available for school or district licenses.