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Favorite School Subjects

Every week, our Week in Rap Shout Out Contest gives students an opportunity to win a shout out for their school in the next Week in Rap. For this week’s contest, we asked you to tell us about your favorite subject in school. What do you like about it? Have you learned anything interesting in class recently?

Our winner this week is Humphreys Avenue School in Los Angeles, CA. Here are just a few of the entries from Mr. Rodriguez’s fifth graders!

It was so much fun reading your entries this week and hearing about what you all like to learn and why you like learning about it. We received entries selecting every conceivable subject, with a wide variety of reasons for the choice!

  • My favorite subject in school is math. I enjoy doing math problems (when I know how to do it) and learning how to use numbers to find missing values. I like reaching that moment when everything makes sense and you figure out exactly what to do to solve the problem. I love the feeling of getting an answer right. It makes me feel smart. I like probability and equations the best. Solving the equation for x or y is kind of fund and probability is really fun, too. — Miranda, General Ray Davis Middle School, GA
  • From the first animal that walked the earth, to the blood stained battles of today, history has surrounded us for many life times. Every life and every death has led to the amazing present we live in now. History is lessons written with truth, secrets and mysteries unlocked, beauties and beasts discovered. Untold and unfinished stories unravel as we dig to find them. History is, and always will be, endless, that’s why history is my favorite subject in school. — Larissa, Lange Middle School, MO
  • My favorite subject in school is band. I love it so much because it’s not just a simple class where we play notes that sound pretty. We get to tell a story with every piece. Whether the story is about a royal kingdom, a scary, dark swamp, or even about marching, we get to escape reality for a while and go to an alternate universe. The most interesting thing I’ve learned in band is how to make music. Sure, anyone can play a note, but when you add dynamics and melodies, that’s when you’re making music. That’s when you become a musician. — Rodina, General Ray Davis Middle School, GA
  • My favorite subject in school is science. I like science because it’s really fun and you get to do cool things like experiments and things we’ve never got to do before. I also like the class because we do a lot of activities, and get to do things in groups which is really fun to. The most interesting things I’ve learned this year are is how your body works, and where the things you eat go, and how your digestive system works. Also how the circulatory system works. — Destiny, Memorial Middle School, ME
  • Our favorite subject in school is ELA. Our favorite part of ELA class this year is that we have read lots of books and get to learn a lot. In ELA this year we have also learned some cool strategies to help us with our writing, which has made ELA class super interesting. We use RADD to answer written responses. RADD stands for R = RSQ (Restate the Question), A = Answer (the question), and the D’s = Details (from the article). RADD has taught us how to write a good paragraph. We use COPS to help us edit what we have written. COPS stands for C = Capitalization, O = Organization, P = Punctuation, and S = Spelling. We even got to make a dance video to go along with COPS. Making the video really helped us to remember COPS. Sixth grade ELA is RADDical! — Kenny, Ethan, and Matthew, Camden Middle School, NY
  • We love social studies because we get to learn about cultures from all around the world! And we also get to do fun projects! We’ve learned about all of the differences and similarities between cultures and why every culture is a mix of many others. We’ve also been learning about how people interact with their environment and make an impact on the Earth and nature. Mr. Scott taught us that we need to respect nature and not pollute the oceans or the planet might become too hot causing the ice caps will melt. If the ice melts, it will destroy a lot of the coast lines and all of the wonderful cities there. Our favorite unit was from last semester when we learned about Greek mythology. We loved those lessons because we could relate to all the gods and goddesses, and the drama they were going through. Their special powers are so cool and their families are so messed up! We also really enjoyed watching parts of The Odyssey and the flocab music video called “Take Me Home!” about Odysseyus and all of his adventures. Our favorite god was Hercules and our favorite goddess was Athena. — Mr. Scott’s 6th period class, Garcia Middle School, TX

Thank you to everyone who entered this week! Don’t forget to enter this Friday’s Week In Rap Shout-Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out next Friday.