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Favorite Flocab Songs

Every week, our Week in Rap Shout Out Contest gives students an opportunity to win a shout out for their school in the next Week in Rap. For this week’s contest, we asked you to pick your favorite Flocab song.

Our winner this week is Glasgow Middle School in Alexandria, VA. Here are the songs they chose…

  • My favorite song is the Week in Rap because it is a great summary of everything that is going on all week, it keeps me going and up to date. It helps me know what’s going on recently worldwide, not just nationally, and helps me know issues now. — Waad, Quetzali
  • My favorite Flocab song is the Declaration of Independence rap because it was fast, learnable and had a good beat to it. It showed a song of fun and happiness, while at the same time, it taught us. It was also catchy so you can remember it! — Dylan
  • My favorite Flocab song is the Week in Rap because it makes what happened in the past week less dreary. When I watch the news everyone and everything is so serious and depressing. The week in rap makes things seem a bit better and brightens up my day. It is also really informative. — Sarah
  • My favorite song from flocab is the political parties rap. “So come on everybody, we’re about to check out a political party!” It is catchy and easy to memorize! — Ella
  • My favorite rap is the political parties song because it is catchy and has a good music video, and is funny. I also like the characters! — Eden

Congratulations Glasgow Middle School, and thanks to Mrs. Takach’s eighth graders for entering!

Don’t forget to enter this Friday’s Week In Rap Shout-Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out next Friday.