Ideas For Planning And Teaching With Flocabulary In June

Ideas for planning and teaching with Flocabulary in June

Whether your students are still in class this month, just about to end their school year, or are already finished, there are a few amazing resources you can use through Flocabulary to support them at the end of the school year and beyond into the summer to boost their vocabulary and keep students engaged at the same time. Here’s a few ideas to help you get through the end of the school year or give to students for engaging summer activity ideas. Remembering Anne Frank Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12, 1929. Honor her bravery and…

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How To Support Informational Texts In The Classroom

How to support informational texts in the classroom

Informational text, I am certain you have heard those two words a time or two, but what do they mean? Informational text is factual information written to teach the reader about a certain topic, event, or idea. Informational texts have continued to gain steam as valuable resources for education among students of all ages, but where do I find them? You will find them frequently written in the form of news articles, standardized tests, and some newer reading curriculums just to name a few examples. As a veteran teacher, I have found it difficult to locate informational texts my fifth-grade…

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3 Teacher-initiated Strategies For Flocabulary Instruction

3 teacher-initiated strategies for Flocabulary instruction

Flocabulary is a versatile vocabulary platform teachers and students can use in numerous ways. While some approaches may be student-centered, research shows that explicit instruction of vocabulary is an important part of student acquisition. Here are a few ways teachers can initiate, lead, and utilize Flocabulary in the classroom to support students as they master academic terms. Find dedicated time each day or once per week to explicitly teach vocabulary Vocabulary is the biggest predictor of reading comprehension, but sometimes phonics, phonemic awareness, or fluency are bigger priorities for students. To boost reading comprehension teachers can set aside a dedicated…

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