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Capitalization Rules

What are the rules for capitalization? Capitalize specific versions of the type of word. If there is a more general version of the word, those are not capitalized. You can capitalize proper nouns like titles, cities, books, sports teams, languages and locations. But don’t capitalize the general versions of the above.

For example:

Capitalize “Grandma Nelly,” but not “grandma.”

Capitalize “New York City,” but not “big city.”

Capitalize Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but not “book.”

Capitalize the “Mets,” but not “baseball team.”

Capitalize “Chinese,” but not “language.”

Capitalize “Central Park,” but not “park.”

Once you get the hang of capitalization rules, it’s easy!

Listen to Flocabulary’s Capitalization rap song to review all these capitalization rules and more.