Five Reasons To Upgrade To A Flocabulary Site License

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Flocabulary Subscription

Flocabulary’s been on the ed tech circuit for years now, and with over 800 videos and counting, it’s no surprise we’re mostly known for our impossibly catchy (not kitschy) educational hip-hop videos. While engaging videos is our bread and butter, there’s so much more to discover, teach and learn with a Flocabulary school subscription.

What perks come with a Flocab school-wide license? Read on to find out!

Develop Reading Skills

With Read & Respond, teachers assign short reading passages and multiple choice assessments to simultaneously evaluate students’ understanding of key content areas while practicing their reading skills. We built the workflow to emulate a similar structure to what students will experience on high-stakes tests.

Check out middle school teacher Mike Kaufman using Flocabulary’s Martin Luther King Jr. Read & Respond activity to deepen learning on MLK Day:

Demonstrate Content Mastery Through Writing

Creativity is at students’ fingertips with Lyric Lab. Our word bank, built-in rhyming dictionary and preset beats take student creativity and demonstrating understanding to new heights. Teachers can assign Lyric Lab as an in-class activity or for homework, taking students from consumers of information, to creators.

Watch this video from elementary teacher Brittany White of her students in the zone with writing their own epic rhymes. Middle school teacher Valerie DeForest also shares a collage of her students mastering our Percents units with Lyric Lab.

Encourage and Empower Self-Directed Learning

School-wide subscriptions include accounts for every student. Teachers can guide instruction from the front of the classroom, or let students explore Flocabulary’s library of 750+ videos independently or in small groups. Here, Monica Kane shares a glimpse at her students learning on their own with our elementary science Water Cycle unit.

Analyze Student Learning

A Flocab site license also enables teachers to assign a unit’s Read & Respond, Lyric Lab and the quiz to students. Flocabulary evaluates assessment data at both individual and class-wide levels, providing valuable tools to differentiate instruction and provide additional support as needed.

Here, 5th grade teacher Daniel Buhrow and his students work through our Moon Phases quiz.

Support for Blended & Flipped Classrooms

A school-wide Flocabulary subscription includes access for every teacher and student in your school, with functionality to assign students different elements of a unit, such as a video, Read & Respond activity, quiz or Lyric Lab, as work to be completed at home.

Digital Learning Coach Allison Schalk shares her experiences using these Flocabulary tools in our ISTE 2016 Periscope archive:

If you have any questions about the benefits of starting a Flocabulary school subscription, drop us a line or give us a call on (718) 852-0105. We’re here to help!