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14 New Flocabulary Videos!

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One of our new videos, Money.

This month, we present a big batch of new videos for your enjoyment. They’re in a range of subjects, from Vocabulary to Language Arts to Math. These fourteen new videos cover Shakespeare, addition and subtraction, and more!

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New Videos


4th Grade Vocabulary: Kid Who Always Says the Wrong Thing
“Jimmy, do you like sports?”
“Yes, especially bananas.”
Learn ten fourth grade vocabulary words with Jimmy, who always says the wrong thing. Watch now.
5th Grade Vocabulary: Golden Dragon
Imagine if you had a golden dragon who could take you anywhere in the world! This song teaches ten fifth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.



7th Grade Vocabulary: In the Jungle
Take a trip deep into the jungle as you learn fifteen seventh grade vocabulary words. Watch now.


8th Grade Vocabulary: Back in the Jam
Watch this video to learn fifteen eighth grade vocabulary words as you get a quick run-down of hip-hop history. Watch now.




Language Arts

Grammar: Suffixes
Suffixes are an important clue to the meaning of a word. This song covers some of the most common suffixes in English. Watch now.


Shakespeare: Lullaby
This video depicts a scene from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which Oberon tricks his wife Titania as she sleeps. Watch now.



Shakespeare: Three Times
This song is a modern take on Antony’s famous speech from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Watch now.





Addition & Subtraction: Challenge Rap: 0-10
With this challenge rap, students can practice their skills adding numbers from 0-10. Can you keep up when we go this fast? Watch now.

Addition & Subtraction: In Their Teens (15, 16 and 17)
Adding larger numbers can seem scary at first, but if you watch this video, it’ll be a cinch. Watch now.



Addition & Subtraction: Challenge Rap: 0-17
This challenge rap tests students’ ability to add numbers from 0 all the way to 17. Watch now.



Addition & Subtraction: Doubles +1
If you know your doubles, your doubles-plus-one won’t give you any trouble. Watch now.




Math Vocabulary: Money
This video teaches students about American money, including pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, and bills all the way up to $100! Watch now.



Roman Numerals
Roman numerals: numbers that look like letters. Watch this video to learn what all those letters mean. Watch now.


Circles: Circumference & Area
All you need is pi and the radius! This video teaches students how to calculate the circumference and area of circles. Watch now.



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