The Hip-Hop Game of Skillz

That’s right: A hip-hop board game that educates players about the history of the genre and the culture intertwined with it, connects “rap culture slang” to standard English, and more. Learn more about this innovative and engaging (and educational) game here.

How did we find out about this? Folks connected to the Hip-Hop Skillz creators reached out to us! Here’s what Shon wrote:

“I enjoyed looking at all the work other educators are doing
to use hip-hop as an engaging tool to embrace youth culture and get
them involved more actively in the learning process. I noticed
you did not have anything on the The Hip-Hop Game of SKILLZ, by Wil
Seegars (an educator from Detroit that created a powerful board game
that teaches the rich history of Hip-Hop Culture, chronicles its
social diversity across the globe, engages its players in vocabulary
battles, and gets students to demonstrate their ability to go from
slang to standard English). If you never heard of his work and his
product, I think it’s well worth looking into and posting something
about him on your site. His website is

Good luck with what you’re doing and lets keep showing the world
Hip-Hop is more than a negative blub on the evening news.”

– Shon Watts

Right on!

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