How To Talk To Your Students About Fake News

How to Talk to Your Students About Fake News

Fake news is more than just a hashtag. It is an issue with far-reaching ramifications. Just Google Veles, Macedonia. Two-thirds of the results on the first page focus on the people who earned thousands of dollars during the 2016 United States election from ad dollars on their fake articles. Our students are growing up in a time where even traditional media sources can publish stories without definitively verifying the information. And once something is online, viewed and shared, it’s hard to rescind. The sharing of fabricated or murky stories is amplified by everyone with a social media account and the…

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Warm-Up Activities for the First Week of School

Flocabulary is all about good times in the classroom - as long as valuable goals are being advanced, of course! Here are some great activities for the beginning of the school year. 1. Take as Much as You Want! During the first "circle time" activity, have a roll of toilet paper on hand. Explain to the youth that they will need this for the next activity. Tell students that you're going to pass around the roll. Invite each student to take as much as they want. After everyone has had a good laugh over the amount of paper they took,…

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