6 New Flocabulary Videos!

…and even more coming all the time!


One of our new videos, Scientific Method of Madness.

This month, we have six new videos coming at you! As always, we have new Word Up videos (including SAT vocabulary!), plus a bit of Reading and Writing Strategies and Science for good measure. As always, we have even more videos in the works and coming soon!

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New Videos


2nd Grade Vocabulary: You Don’t Know Everything About Me
Watch this video to learn ten second grade vocabulary words as you learn just how much you don’t know about these two kids. Watch now.



4th Grade Vocabulary: Why the Sea is Salty
This video retells a story explaining why the sea is salty as it teaches ten fourth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.



SAT Vocabulary: Shakespeare is Hip-Hop
The foundation of the English language is wordplay. Shakespeare did it, and hip-hop does it too. This song contains fifty-five SAT-level vocabulary words. Watch now.



SAT Vocabulary: Pop, Crackle and Snap
Listen to this bonus rap to learn twenty-six SAT-level vocabulary words. Watch now.




Reading and Writing Strategies

Test-Taking Strategies: Acing These Tests
Watch this video to learn some foolproof strategies to ace your next test. Watch now.





Scientific Method of Madness
Teach or review the steps of the scientific method with scientist Galileo Galilei in this video. Watch now.


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