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North Lewis Elementary School Students Host a Circus for a Week in Rap Junior Shout-Out!

Every week, we ask The Week in Rap Junior fans a question through our Shout-Out Contest, and recognize the school that responds with creativity, imagination, and educational relevance, too. Students in Kristen Strother’s class at North Lewis Elementary School in New Iberia, LA did some delightful storytelling about their very own circus to win the latest Shout-Out. Delve in to discover their masterful use of descriptive language.

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The Week in Rap Junior recently covered a story about circus rules changing in the Netherlands to prohibit the involvement of wild animals, since activists felt it was wrong to make them perform in the ring. With the spotlight on the circus, we wanted to see how students could build on the theme in a creative way. So we asked students: If you could…work in a circus, what would you do? What kind of act or performance would you be in?

Several North Lewis Elementary School students opted for the role of circus host, and went above and beyond, developing a list of performers, animals and acts for their very own circus, helping us get to know important characters by using lots of adjectives in their writing. For example, we learned that Ciara the cheetah is aggressive and mean, Larry the lion is sleepy, and Charlie the elephant is happy to provide rides to friendly folks. Through the students’ writing, we also met tightrope walkers that practice by walking over a river, and twin monkeys that usually behave but sometimes fight. Talk about character development! Students even told us the amount they’d make from the circus and how they’d divide their earnings.

We loved your imaginative and in-depth descriptions, North Lewis Elementary School! Big shout-out for bringing your circus story to life through writing.

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