Lesson Plan: Writing Academic Raps

* How To Write Vocabulary Rhymes * Many students say that memorizing vocabulary words is a struggle, so we designed a simple lesson plan to help students learn, master and retain difficult vocabulary by writing a rhyme. This exercise can be done while a beat is playing (free beats are available here) or without music. Step 1. Choose Your Vocab Word and Pre-teach In this case, let’s use the word vain – an SAT-level vocabulary word that students might have to grapple with as early as middle school. A.    Teach the word and the definition: Vain (adj.) too proud, into…

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Student's Flocab-Style Rap, "A New Best Friend"

Anyone that's ever walked out of a pet store with a "new best friend" can relate... 8th grader Fiorella Nicoloso of Incarnation Catholic School (Sarasota, FL) wrote this phenomenal rap/song using tough vocabulary words. Incorporating academic content into your own artistic creations - be they poems, songs or raps - is an unbeatable way to make sure you really know your stuff. We hope everyone enjoys this. Big Up, Fiorella! ----------------- “A New Best Friend” As I walked down the street to the pet store one day, I thought about what kind of pet I’d want to stay. Would I…

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