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Try Our Karaoke-Style Units on Flocabulary!

Update (March 14, 2017): We’ve added more karaoke-style units to Flocabulary! Check ’em out below.

At Flocabulary, we’re always looking for exciting ways to boost student engagement. After hearing from educators (and a vision to try something new), we’re excited to share an initial roll-out of karaoke-style Flocabulary videos!

Now, your students can test their hip-hop chops with the Flocab pros by rapping along to actual Flocabulary videos. We’ve created karaoke-style videos for several popular Flocabulary units for you to try out with your students. Watch them below:

End Punctuation - Flocabulary Karaoke Video

“End Punctuation”
Grammar (Grades K-3)

Simple & Compound Sentences - Flocabulary Karaoke Unit

“Simple & Compound Sentences”
Grammar (Grades 2-5)

Subject & Predicate - Flocabulary Karaoke Unit

“Subject & Predicate”
Grammar (Grades 3-12)

Parts of Speech - Flocabulary Karaoke Unit

“Parts of Speech”
Grammar (Grades 2-8)

Life Science (Grades 6-12)

“Too Easy”
Vocabulary (Grade 7)

“Earth Layers & Plate Tectonics”
Earth & Space Science (Grades 6-12)

We’d love for you to check ‘em out, and more importantly, let us know what you think! Once you’ve explored the karaoke-style videos, share your feedback with us through this short survey. Based on your feedback, we may expand the karaoke-style videos to even more units!

We hope you’ll give our karaoke-style units a try (and don’t forget to share your Flocab learning experiences with #HowWeFlocab)! Questions? Leave a comment here, or drop us a line.