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Study Up on Roman Numerals!

It’s less than a week until Super Bowl XLVII. When you hear “Super Bowl XLVII,” you probably think: Yay! Football! But when we at Flocabulary hear “Super Bowl XLVII,” we think: Which year is XLVII, again?

Why, it’s Roman numerals! Let’s revisit them in honor of Super Bowl season. Check out our Creative Director’s appearance on NPR last year, where he shared a rap for remembering Roman numerals.

(And soon you’ll be able to know that XLVII is 47.)

I. Roman Numeral Recap

First, let’s review Roman numeral basics. Here’s the drill:

I = 1
V = 5
X = 10
L = 50
C = 100

But who can remember all that? That’s why we have our…

II. Roman Numeral Mnemonic Rap

Last year, Flocabulary’s own Blake Harrison was a guest on NPR’s Weekend Edition, where he shared this rap for helping you remember all those tricky Roman numerals:

A Rhyme To Remember Your Roman Numerals

Check back soon for more Roman numeral goodies!

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