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Students Write Seasonal Poetry

Every week, our Week in Rap Shout Out Contest gives students an opportunity to win a shout out for their school in the next Week in Rap. Last week, we asked you to write about a season of your choice in the form of a tanka poem. In a tanka poem, the focus is not on rhyming, but on the number of syllables in each line. The changing seasons have long been a popular subject of this traditional Japanese poetry form.

The win this week goes to the Hamlin School in San Francisco, CA, who submitted poems full of rich imagery and detail. Here are three of our favorites:

  • Autumn has landed
    Orange falls upon the ground
    Echoes of crisp steps
    Mittens strewn across the floor
    Mysteries are unveiled.
    — Audrey, “Autumn”
  • An icy blanket
    Crystals falling from the sky
    Covering the ground
    Tucking the earth in to sleep
    A cold, restless night of white
    — Laura, “Winter”
  • Softly rising sun,
    Sweet, crystal dewdrops on grass,
    Birds sing songs of joy,
    Peaceful days and cool breezes,
    The small faun takes his first steps
    — Eve, “Spring”

We received such an incredible number of wonderful poems this week. Though we can’t share every single one, we wanted to showcase a few more of your submissions here.

  • Warm ocean breeze against you
    The leaves bursting on trees
    Shining on west coast
    Scents of golden-crisp fires burn
    Summer time has come at last
    — Tillamook High School, Tillamook, OR
  • Warm and burning hot
    Apple cider warms my mug
    Snugly wrapped in quilts
    As we watch the trees undress
    And jack-o-lanterns burn bright
    — Gabby, Grain Valley South Middle School, Grain Valley, MO
  • Colors of fall are
    Falling away, leaf, by leaf
    Take time away from
    Enjoying them before they
    Are all raked, and winter comes.
    — Ashanti, Springfield Middle School
  • Winter is coming
    It is very cold and brisk
    Get your coats ready
    Our hats keep our heads warm
    Flocab will keep us toasty
    — “Rap Yourself to Keep Warm,” Gersh Academy, West Hempstead, NY

Thank you to everyone who submitted their tanka poems! Don’t forget to enter this Friday’s Week In Rap Shout-Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out next Friday.