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Students Remake Famous Art

Every week, our Week in Rap Shout Out Contest gives students an opportunity to win a shout out for their school in the next Week in Rap. For this week’s contest, we asked you to recreate a famous painting and put your own spin on it. Change the style, the subject, the medium—let your creativity shine!

Our winner this week is Pine Tree Hill Elementary School in Camden, SC. Chase recreated the painting God’s Trombones by Aaron Douglas.

Congratulations to Pine Tree Hill Elementary School and to Chase!

You all sent in so much wonderful art this week, including everything from pencil drawings to collages to digital art. You were inspired by all kinds of artists, from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol. We enjoyed seeing each end every one of your entries, and we wanted to share a few of them here.

We loved these Picasso-inspired paintings from fifth graders Jaheem, Nassiah, and Shianne at S.W. Snowden School in Aurora, NC.

Finally, Ms. Hilton’s fifth grade class at Chenery Middle School in Belmont, MA, submitted this clever entry, dubbed “Mona Lego.”

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their art with us this week! Don’t forget to enter this Friday’s Week In Rap Shout-Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out next Friday.