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Student's Flocab-Style Rap, "A New Best Friend"

Anyone that’s ever walked out of a pet store with a “new best friend” can relate…

8th grader Fiorella Nicoloso of Incarnation Catholic School (Sarasota, FL) wrote this phenomenal rap/song using tough vocabulary words. Incorporating academic content into your own artistic creations – be they poems, songs or raps – is an unbeatable way to make sure you really know your stuff.

We hope everyone enjoys this. Big Up, Fiorella!


“A New Best Friend”

As I walked down the street to the pet store one day,
I thought about what kind of pet I’d want to stay.
Would I want a little turtle who basks in the sun?
A pet that lies out all day doesn’t sound much fun.
I don’t want a tiger to maim my face,
I don’t need any more cuts, thanks.
What I want to instill, I mean say to you,
Is the importance of a pet in my home and yours, too.
I won’t go back, or revert, to fish,
They’re boring- they just swim in a dish.
I need a pet with longevity– life,
I don’t need any more emotional strife.
The anguish of losing a pet is too much,
I just don’t think I can take that difficult rush.
Then I walked up to the pet store, hopped through the door,
And the clerk asked me, “What are you here for?”
The man was churlish– he was very rude,
I wanted to say, “What’s your problem, dude?”
He hovered over me- watched where I went,
Needless to say, my patience was spent.
As I walked away my mind began to wonder,
“Do I really want an animal that’s predatory and plunders?”
I walked around, looking at all the pets,
Glancing at each one saying, “Close but not yet.”
And then, in the corner, what did I spy,
But an aisle of bunnies, ears to the sky.
I gingerly picked up a cute little fellow,
Handling him with care, I saw he was yellow.
I went over to look at the bunny clothes,
But saw the attire was too long for short feet like those.
This skittish little guy was jumping in my arms,
He didn’t seem anything like bunnies on farms.
I wanted to flaunt him about on every street,
Just wait and see all the people he’ll meet!
I jostled up the aisle and pushed through the line,
And declared to the clerk, “I’ll take him- he’s mine.”
After I paid for him, I decided alone,
That I’d rehabilitate, or care for, this bunny on my own.
I named this little guy Harry the Hare,
If anyone has a problem with that, I don’t care.
Taking my new found friend in my arms,
I proclaimed to the world, “Harry, you’re ours!”

Song written by Fiorella Nicoloso, Grade 8 ICS

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  1. Okay..for an 8th grader, that is pretty impressive. I remember back when I was that young, rapping meant rhyming “cat” with “rat’ and “bat” – simple, single syllable rhymes.

    This kid, though, is using words like rehabilitate (my..how many adults can even spell that?) and proclaimed.

    Rap has had a ton of young stars who’ve made their name at an early age. Maybe Fiorella will be one too.

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