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Students’ Dream Vacations

Every week, our Week in Rap Shout Out Contest gives students an opportunity to win a shout out for their school in the next Week in Rap. For this week’s contest, we asked you to describe your ideal trip. If you had unlimited money for a trip to a single location, where would you go? What would you do there?

Our winner this week is Scott School in Melrose Park, IL. Here are three of the trip ideas from Mrs. Podzimek’s fifth graders.

  • The place I would love to go to is the Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan. This unique place has beautiful flowers that will brighten someones day in an instant. In this place it allows people to see 150 wisteria flowers that look beautiful and walk through a tunnel with magnificent color. I would first enjoy just looking at all of the flowers and just be mesmerized by all the color. I would take many pictures and create a beautiful scrapbook that reminds me that this trip is wonderful. If I could go to the Wisteria Flower Tunnel it would be a day to remember. — Damaris
  • I would want to go to Paris. I have always wanted to go to Paris and if I had the money I would absolutely go there. While I’m in Paris I would visit a lot of the different stores because I heard that in Paris there are great scents of perfume and great different varieties of things to purchase. I would also go to the Eiffel Tower. I would go there because it’s such a famous landmark and it’s just so interesting. I love the structure of the Eiffel Tower. The triangular shape starting at the bottom is so fascinating. I would also go to the Palace of Versailles because it is one of the largest and most opulent castles in the world, and the palace has beautiful architecture and gardens. While I’m in Paris I would go on a river cruise to see many of Paris’ famous landmarks and sights. I would also go to the massive Musée du Louvre. It is now the world’s largest art museum. That is why I would go to Paris. — Jocelyn
  • A place where I would go is Mars. I would go there because it’s calm there. Instead of sitting in the busy cities of earth I would travel to Mars so I can witness the beautiful arts of space. And I would have the whole planet to myself! Nobody can bother me there (unless there are Martians). I would also go there because I can meet ET’s and they can share some of their “futuristic” ideas so when the trip is over I can share the ideas with the people of earth and we can jump a generation ahead. I can’t think of all the adventure we would have on Mars. We can explore the poles where there is water and find out how it got there. On Mars your imagination is infinite. So that is why I would visit Mars. — David

Congratulations to Scott School! We received an amazing number of entries this week and we wish we could share them all. Here are a few more of our favorites.

Mrs. D’s class at Florence High School in Colorado described what they would do on a trip to Washington, D.C. It sounds like a great class trip!

  • The dream trip our class would like to go on is to Washington, D.C. We would go to the Smithsonian Institution 1st, of course. The main exhibit the kids want to see is the actual Declaration of Independence, if it is still there, and/or the Star Spangled Banner! We would then want to go down the Potomac River on one of the neat boats and see Fort Washington on our way to George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate. We would stroll through the lush gardens of wildflowers and even visit the room where he died. Many say George Washington was the original recycler because he ordered his servants (yes, he had slaves!) to utilize every bit of resources and not waste anything. He was compassionate to release his slave when he died, so at least he had some freedom in his life. Oh—someone just mentioned they want to see the G.W.’s teeth too! And, no, they were not wood, but actually made of whale bone and it was his dentist that was named “Wood” and he would say they were his “Wood teeth”! So… our class dreams of an education trip to D.C., capped off with a stop at The Hard Rock Café, of course!

Finally, we loved reading the entries from Ms. Kello’s sixth grade geography class at Abbot Middle School, West Bloomfield, MI. Here’s just a sample:

  • If I could go on a vacation anywhere in the world and not worry about money, I would go to Honolulu, Hawaii. I would go there because they have a dolphin conservancy called Wild Dolphin Foundation and I really like dolphins. Wild Dolphin Foundation helps rescue injured dolphins, whales, and turtles from the wild and nurse them back to health and release them again. They also teach people about dolphin habitats and help restore beaches. If I could ride with a volunteer in a boat I could track the dolphins and take photos to record sightings. Also on Honolulu, I could go swimming, enjoy the beaches, and see the beautiful sights of Hawaii. It would be a great learning experience, it would help restore nature, and would also be lots of fun. — Eliza
  • If I had unlimited money and I could go anywhere I wanted in the world, I would go to Poland. One reason I would like to visit Poland is that one of my main ethnicities is Polish. I am about 20% Polish, so I would like to visit there. This is not the only reason, though. Poland is a beautiful place with lots of great architecture. A place I would like to visit in Poland, though, is the Bieszczady Mountains. The green mountains are one of the most secluded areas in the whole continent of Europe. I would like to visit the mountains, as I like nature walks and these mountains are beautiful to look at. Another place I would like to visit is Krakow. This great place features lots of great Polish architecture. This place is also interesting as it was Poland’s previous capital. Other than that, I would like to go to Krakow to see the beautifully constructed buildings. The third place I would like to visit is the Tatra Mountains. These feature rocky tops with year-round snow on the top. All of the waterfalls, valleys and pretty ponds make it one of the most spectacular places in Poland. The fourth and final place I would like to visit in Poland is Warsaw, the current capital of Poland. I can visit the endless skyscrapers there, and learn about the eastern European taste and culture. There is also a building of science, which I would like to visit within Warsaw. As you can see, Poland really is a beautiful place to visit (including the great architecture)! — Jarrett
  • Imagine lying on the beach, enjoying warm sand, and soaking up the sun….in Cancun, Mexico! If I had unlimited amount of money and I could pick a single location to go to for a vacation, I would choose Cancun. Cancun does not only have beautiful beaches, warm weather and nice views, it has an awesome history as well. While visiting Cancun, I would explore the city’s cool attractions such as the Mayan ruins, the Cancun Underwater Museum, go snorkeling in the crystal clear water and watch the bullfights in downtown Cancun. Another exciting experience would be eating authentic Mexican food! I would also visit Cancun’s local markets, shops and talk to the natives about their culture. Vacationing in Cancun, Mexico would be an amazing memory that I would remember forever. — Julian

Thank you to everyone who shared their amazing trip ideas with us! Don’t forget to enter this Friday’s Week In Rap Shout-Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out next Friday.