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Spotlight On: The Week in Rap Activities

By now, you probably know about some about the Week in Rap’s new features. You’ve been clicking on lyrics to learn more about the stories, testing your knowledge with challenge questions and quizzing your students with the missing lyrics.

But did you know about our rotating roster of weekly activities?

Each week, we create a varying printable activity to accompany the video. You can always get it by clicking on the Activities link next to the video. We’ve already posted about The Week in Map, a geographical challenge, and Two Truths and a Lie, a party game turned current events review.

And here are two more!

Thing About Your Thinking

With this critical thinking activity, students investigate three events from The Week in Rap and create informed opinions. It’s a great start to a classroom debate.
Think About Your Thinking

Monthly Trivia Quiz

At the end of each month, we make the activity a quiz that tests students’ knowledge of headlines from the past four weeks. See how well your students remember the major news stories of October.
Monthly Trivia

What activity will we have this week?

Tune in to The Week in Rap on Friday to find out!