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Shakespeare High: Arts Education on the Big Screen

It’s no secret: Flocabulary loves Shakespeare. From Shakespeare is Hip-Hop to our new Much Ado About Nothing video, we can’t get enough of the Bard.

So when the producers of the new documentary Shakespeare High asked to feature one of our songs in the soundtrack of the film, we were thrilled to say yes.

Shakespeare High tells the story of a diverse group of California teenagers who are preparing to act in a Shakespeare competition. The competitors don’t just include theater students; former gang members, star football players, and kids whose town includes nothing but a Banana Museum all find inspiration in interpreting Shakespeare.

Watch a preview here:

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Last week we had the opportunity to catch a screening of the film at the TriBeCa Film Festival (and hear our song The Merry Wanderer play over the end credits)! We learned that Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, Richard Dreyfuss, and many other well-known actors all got their start at The Drama Teachers Association of Southern California Shakespeare Festival featured in the film.

But producing Academy Award-winning actors is not the festival’s raison d’etre–the Oscar statuettes are merely a nice bonus. The festival exists because it teaches students teamwork, communication skills, literacy, accountability. Because it gives its participants motivation to come to school. Because it makes learning fun.

Shakespeare High reaffirms Flocabulary’s firm belief that arts education is crucial–not just to create future artists, but to inspire and motivate all students.