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Roslyn Road School Students Deliver Winning World Series Sportscasts for a Week in Rap Shout-Out!

Each Friday, we shout-out a school based on stellar work that students submit for The Week in Rap Shout-Out Contest. For last week’s Shout-Out fame, we asked students to create some drama, and students in Mr. Carter’s 5th grade class at Roslyn Road School in Barrington, IL brought it! After covering the 14-inning Mets-Royals World Series game, we asked students to use their creative writing skills to compose a script as a sports announcer, heightening some of the edge-of-your-seat events of the game. Here’s how these winners mixed sports with storytelling…

Roslyn Road School and Flocabulary

The first game of this year’s World Series between the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals was a memorable one. Not only did the game head into history-making extra innings (it’s now tied for the longest World Series game in ever!), but it was marked by other dramatic events: a 4-minute blackout in the broadcast due to technical difficulties, and a Royals player learning of a death in his family after the 6th inning. As a sportscaster for this game, there were a number of high-emotion, in-depth storylines to cover, and we wanted to know: how would students engage the audience if they were in the announcer’s box?

Students in Mr. Carter’s class took different approaches to the challenge. One student incorporated rhyme into his retelling. Another student group wrote a script for several sportscasters reporting from different locations – see an excerpt below!

  • Kacy: Sharon, this crowd is going wild! It’s the game everyone has been waiting for. Let’s go down with Jimmy live on the field with the Mets.
  • Jimmy: Hello! Wow, the Mets are exerting themselves just in practice. These players are so agile today! I can’t wait to see who wins today!
  • 3 hours later…………………………….
  • Sharon: We are here in the sixth inning. Oh snaps! Edinson Volquez just hit a homerun! Now back to Kacy.
  • Kacy: Sharon, we just heard from very sad news from Jimmy. Edinson Volquez dad passed away right after he hit this amazing home run.

We loved how this group captured highs and lows experienced during the game, and worked together as a team. Congrats to the students at Roslyn Road School for the imaginative ballgame commentary!

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