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Photosynthesis Rap – Teacher Made :)

Shout out to Gretchen Shary from San Antonio, TX for sharing this awesome home-made rap. Photosynthesis can be touch for students to wrap their minds around – not to mention all the content-area vocabulary!

Just goes to show how fun and effective writing academic rhymes can be, for students and teachers both.

By the way, Gretchen has a cool story. After getting a BS in Biology, she went on to get certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology in Microbiology, worked in the local county hospital microbiology lab and then for a private microbiology lab. Putting her love of science and teaching to good use, she now works as a substitute teacher at a San Antonio high school.

Thanks Gretchen! Keep up the great work!!

Photosynthesis Rap:

Hey y’all gotta listen to this
I’m talking bout photosynthesis
Cause that’s the plant’s business.
Making carbohydrates
You know it’s got to fabricate
All its own food.
Take CO2 and H2O
Add sunlight and its good to go.

All this happens where you ask?
It happens in the chloroplast.
Carbohydrates are a mix
Of C6 H12 and O6
And don’t forget what else is true:
This process will give off O2

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