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Original Student Rap about Uganda

Want to be wowed by an amazing student?

After receiving Flocabulary’s Writing Academic Rhymes class set, Mr. Turner, of Franklin Magnet Middle School in Tampa, FL, challenged his students to write rhymes for a unit on Africa. The assignment? Teach the class about one country in East or Central Africa.

Most students opted for a traditional presentation, but one student, Jesus Nieves, memorized and performed a five-minute rap about Uganda! Mr. Turner reported that the class was blown away–and we think you’ll be too. Jesus’s rap is a wonderful example of the innovative work students can produce at school when teachers simply ask them to get creative. Thanks for sending this in!

Uganda Uganda! Lyrics:

My country is Uganda,
Its capital city is Kampala
So someone say
Holla, holla, holla!

The latitude and longitude is 0 degrees north and 32 degrees east
Also how old is Uganda
26 or 96?
Uganda Uganda,
You wanna be there, you wanna live there,
You wanna be there, you wanna live there.
Holla holla holla holla

The important lines of longitude and latitude, yes,
Because the line equator passes through Uganda with Kampala
Something in the water
The nearby continents in Uganda?
It’s in Africa after all!

The nearby oceans and landforms are
There are no oceans by Uganda
So they go to lakes to wash their flakes
And also how the landforms are mostly plateaua
With the rims in the mountains
They need fountains
With the plastic they’re fantastic in
Uganda Uganda, Uganda
You wanna be there, You wanna live there
Holla holla holla holla

The physical features
Major landforms in the area are
Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Kabalega Falls –
They know how to fall!

The human features,
Major landforms in the area are
Roman Catholic Church, government buildings
We got governments, you got governments
Also, how they got terrorists and the other thing
What “region” is it in i.e. in the Middle East
But it is the rift system
But I’d rather kick em!
Uganda Uganda,
You wanna be there, you wanna live there
Holla holla holla holla
And what weather patters are in the area?
“Oh I know!”
Rain fall, cropland, grassland, Tundra, Glacier, semi-desert and desert, tropical rain Forest and broad leaf
That’s how I say, that’s how I play

And how does the physical system affect the region?
The rain affects Uganda by giving them crops and other food for the troops

The human systems are
Them vehicles and cartoons and things like that
But their major imports is
Petroleum, medical supplies, cereals, coffee, fish and fish products
and also ducks!
And How do people communicate?
With English, the official national language.
Uh Oh! We got an issue!
What types of technologies?
We use radios, television, computers like peter
Likes its free there and the other people get around with cars, bikes, and trains why you got to blame!

The environment and society, the types of crops
The animals they depend on for food is fish, goat, tacos burritos with carlito
And Human adapts are maschino and chifo
Uganda Uganda, you wanna be there, you wanna live there
Holla holla holla holla

And Humans changed the environment with hydroelectric power, dams, farming

The issues of geography
What are the major ways people in your country
Have been affected by the physical features of the area?
It is affected by the region to be in floods, hurricanes and blizzards

Fun facts about Uganda they got so much dandruff
But the real facts are weird foods is grilled squirrels, roasted grasshoppers
And The religions is Roman Catholic, 33 protestant, 33Muslim, 16 and indigenous beliefs
Is 18% Like 17 and 19!

Uganda Uganda,
you wanna be there,
you wanna live there
Holla holla holla holla

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