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Lewis and Clark Rap

Props to Peter DiLalla (MC LaLa) for this edu-rap about Lewis and Clark, the great American explorers. Flocabulary was at the National Middle School Association in Indianapolis, IN when Peter approached us. He said he had written some educational hip-hop – when we heard it, we knew it had to end up on Hip-Hop Classroom!

Keep up the fantastic work MC LaLa. We expect to hear (and vibe with) great things from you!

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  1. hello mc lala my name is deajanae duncan and my class would really like if you came to are school and said a rap because your words are really inspiering.If you leasson to them my class is a 5th grade class .And we also liked the song manifest destiny are school is located in california my teacher name is ms.wilcox.She really likes your flows.Also your viedo is really well put togather. please contact me at yahoo.com our if you have a phone nummber you can call me at 707003599644 our on face book at tasha .p thats is my moms.. love deajanae duncan

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