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Joseph P. Liberati Intermediate School Students Create El Niño PSA to Win a Week in Rap Shout-Out!

Every week, we challenge students to think, write and create for a chance to get their school in the spotlight with The Week in Rap Shout-Out Contest. Last week’s prompt: Create a PSA. With the recent coverage of El Niño’s effects around the world, students in Ray Hanks’ 6th grade social studies class at Joseph P. Liberati Intermediate School won our Shout-Out by researching the complex weather pattern and creating a top-notch video to inform and prepare the public. Read on to learn about their PSA-crafting skills…

Joseph P Liberati Intermediate School

Several weeks ago, we covered news on flooding on the West Coast and the continued drought in Ethiopia, which both resulted from El Niño. We saw the recent events as a chance for students not only to learn more about the weather pattern and what causes it, but also to think about how best to inform the public about major weather events – since communicating this info is an important task of the media, government and other organizations. PSAs can take different forms – billboards, TV and radio spots, and more. Mr. Hanks’ students created a video and used several other effective tactics to get the word out. Check out a clip from their PSA below!


We loved how Mr. Hanks’ students first explained what El Niño is, outlined its effects and ended with clear and helpful tips on preparing for extreme weather. We could tell these students did their research, and admired how they demonstrated all they learned through their presentation! They also used video, posters and maps to make their PSA easy to understand for different types of learners, a helpful approach for reaching a wide audience (and something we strive to do here at Flocab, too). Way to do it, Joseph P. Liberati Intermediate School!

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