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Join @Flocabulary on #sschat Monday, September 26 @ 7pm

History Comes Alive

Each Monday night from 7-8pm, engaged and creative social studies educators connect on Twitter to discuss a pertinent topic and share lesson ideas. It’s called Social Studies Chat, or in character-constrained Twitter-speak, #sschat. This coming Monday, we’re honored to moderate the discussion. If you’re new to Twitter, or have never experienced a Twitter chat, learn more about why every teachers should join twitter. To follow the conversation, set a filter for #sschat and add your comments by adding “#sschat” to your tweets. If you’ve never Twitter chatted before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can develop a strong PLN, or personal learning network.

Topic: Making a Personal Connection with History

We picked the topic because we believe that a strong personal connection with history can make events more meaningful. When history can come to life, it is easier to grasp and “feel.” The desire to help students connect with history inspired us to create Hip-Hop U.S. History and Hip-Hop History of the World (with brand new modern history songs coming this October!). We hope that this topic will allow the #sschat group to share and develop ideas that bring history alive for their students.

Here are questions we’ll cover during #sschat next week. Feel free to suggest related questions and ideas you’d like to discuss in the comments.

1) How do you create personal connection with history?

2) How do you help students connect with events that might seem irrelevant or took place long ago?

3) How can teachers avoid oversimplification of historical issues and still relate them to present times?

4) What are successful projects that promote a personal connection with history?

5) Are there any times when a history lesson is better served by not making a personal connection?

6) Do you ever purposefully try to prompt a strong emotional reaction among your students when teaching a topic (when dealing with tough issues)?

7) Does your personal investment in history affect how you teach? (i.e. Patriotism, particular causes that stir you up.)

If you’d like to learn more about #sschat, visit and join their Ning. Or just reach out on Twitter by using the #sschat tag. Even though the chat is on Mondays, social studies educators share ideas more casually at all hours, every day. And you can connect with Flocabulary on twitter by following us here.

We look forward to chatting with all of you on Monday at 7pm!