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Indianapolis 6th Grade Class Uses Hip-Hop To Get on Top

Whoa – we just got word of a school putting out one extraordinary academics-based rap music video after another! The 6th graders at Lew Wallace Elementary in Indianapolis, IN, have been busy this past year, creating songs and videos that cover everything from atomic structure to the dangers of drug use.

Check out the “Bacteria Rap” or a great track about “Animal Relationships

Flocabulary commends these students and their teacher, Damon E. Jennings, for their work. All of the videos (available on Mr. Jennings’ YouTube channel) are great, and serve as examples of the possibilities for using Hip-Hop as a part of the learning process. If done right, Hip-Hop in the classroom can help students master content, become more motivated to achieve, and have a memorable, fun experience in the process!

Bacteria Rap Music Video:

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