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Granite Falls Elementary Students Become Marine Biologists for The Week in Rap Junior Shout-Out!

Just for our loyal The Week in Rap Junior fans, we bring a fresh Shout-Out Contest every week! Students in Mrs. Garnes 2nd grade class at Granite Falls Elementary in Granite in Falls, NC were our latest stars, after writing, drawing and even creating presentation slides about what they’d study as marine biologists! Read on to learn about their underwater explorations…

Granite Falls Elementary

In a recent edition of The Week in Rap Junior, we highlighted the career of marine biologist. As we recapped for students, marine biology is the study of sea organisms, the living things like plants and animals in the ocean – which led us to our next “If you could…” We wanted to know what part of the sea students would study if they were marine biologists, and what plants and animals they’d like to learn about. There’s a lot to choose from! With 70% of the Earth’s surface covered in water, there are many options for our student scientists.

Students in Mrs. Garnes class had a variety of marine interests as wide as the sea. One student made a presentation about seahorses, while another shared interesting facts on sharks and coral. Here’s what one student shared about the intrigue of the deep sea:

I wScreen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.07.30 PMould like to explore the deep ocean to see all the strange and incredible creatures that can live in such a hostile environment. In the deep ocean it is always dark, because sunlight cannot penetrate the depths of the sea. The only light that is present is bioluminescence which is light that is made by chemical reactions in bacteria that lives inside of some fish and shrimp. These fish and shrimp use the light for protection, communication, or to distract prey in order to eat. One such fish is the anglerfish.

And check out that cool drawing!

What wonderful work from our future marine biologists at Granite Falls Elementary!

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