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Get inspired with student-written raps

Amanda teaches at Boiling Springs Middle School in South Carolina, and she was sweet enough to share some of her students’ amazing and creative raps. They were all awesome, but here are some of our favorite excerpts:

Tone is the attitude about the subject.
Let me interject that tone can also affect the mood,
which will affect the audience attitude. 

Connotation, denotation, personification are the poetic elements that are sweeping the nation. Oh, don’t you forget that in the equation.

Refrain is similar to the chorus of a song.
Repeat after every stanza and sing along.
The purpose is to get into your head.
If your refrain is catchy,
You will remember it until you’re dead.

A phrase you use too much is called cliché.
It will get in your reader’s way.
Try to be careful with what you say.
Use words that are vivid and bright
to keep your poetry sounding right.

Personification is figurative language that gives human qualities
To non-human things
Like a bear that talks and sings.

Metaphor is a type of figurative language that is quickly sweeping the nation.
Add it to your poems to compare or contrast.
Your readers will surely catch on fast!
It compares two things without using like or as.
Put it in a poem to add some pizzazz!!


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“writing in the journal” by Erin Kohlenberg, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.