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Fun = mass x acceleration

Who said science can’t be fun? FMA Live – which takes its name from Newton’s famous equation, “force = mass x acceleration” – is a national tour that uses fun activities and performances to get students excited about science. Earlier this week, FMA Live performers featured rap songs and dances in a series of shows at Liverpool Middle School. Try to catch the show at a city near you!

Hip-hop singers, dancers teach Liverpool students science

By Steve Billmyer

September 21, 2009, 1:42PM

This story by contributing writer Darren Benda.

Students jumping on Velcro walls, teachers sumo-wrestling, a hovering teacher hit with a pie in the face and a Sir Isaac Newton video were all highlights of a national science/hip-hop concert tour today at Liverpool High School.

The concert — called FMA Live! after Sir Isaac Newton’s Second Law (force = mass x acceleration) — had three shows for Liverpool middle school students this morning.

Sponsored by Honeywell and NASA, the tour’s goal is to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in science, math, engineering and technology, said Eric Olsen, co-host of FMA Live! and spokesman for the tour.

Olsen said the sponsors feel students aren’t following science, so the show tries to teach students the basics of Newton’s Laws in a fun way.

“It’s all about making science fun for the kids through a big demonstration, acting, singing and dancing,” Olsen said.

Three performers, Olsen, Katie Adler and J.J. Hopson, rapped, sang, danced and performed, with the help of Chestnut Hill Middle School students and teachers.

Chestnut Hill Principal Peter Ianzito said the integration of teaching through hip hop and dancing made it more hands-on for the students, as opposed to reading about Newton from a textbook.

“Education is all about being interactive,” he said. “The timing of the show, the variety of the videos, the music and dancing really captured the audience.”

The group is on a 10-week, 20-city tour. This is the only show in Central New York.