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Flocabulary’s Professional Development Opportunities Just Got Even Better

Is your school or district new to Flocabulary? Do you have a digital subscription, but haven’t had formal training on how to use our program? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” we’re here to help!

We strive to create an increasingly user-friendly site, but we understand that an educator’s time is precious. It can be challenging to become a pro at using any new technology under the time constraints and workload educators face. For this reason, we have enhanced our professional development offerings and devoted an entire team of highly skilled customer success managers to help you! We want to ensure the onboarding process is seamless so you can worry less about “getting started” and just start.

Flocabulary offers three types of trainings to suit your needs. Here’s a quick overview of each:


If you’re in need of an affordable and flexible training, our webinar is the way to go. It’s a flat rate of $500 and is hosted by one of our Customer Success Managers for a full hour. This interactive session engages teachers with strategies to implement Flocab in their classrooms.

On-site Staff Training

If you prefer a more personal experience with a full day of engaging sessions, the on-site staff training is the best option. For $2,500, a Customer Success Manager will provide an in-person, 90-120 minute training which can be tailored to specific content areas or grade levels.

Writing Rhymes with Academic Purpose (WRAP)

WRAP is a three hour, in-person workshop that guides teachers through the Flocab rhyme-writing formula, also for $2,500. It dives deep into the pedagogical implications behind using rhyme in the classroom, and will coach educators to master key terms, master facts, and demonstrate mastery of a concept. This workshop is only available for districts and does not require a digital subscription to purchase.

Need more information? Click here for further details and meet our incredible CSM team! If you’re ready to schedule a training, fill out this short form and a Flocab representative will be in touch with you shortly.   

You and your staff will be Flocab pros in no time!