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Flocabulary is Super Proud to Sponsor Edcamp!

We are so excited to be a sponsor for Edcamp, host of free unconferences for K-12 educators all over the world. We love Edcamp so much, we even made a video about it!:

Many creative Edcamps have come up with their own unique logos, and we have delighted in coming across so many amazing variations! We couldn’t resist sharing them. (Are you interested in having Flocabulary sponsor your Edcamp? Learn more about how Flocab con sponsor you.)

Our Top 5 Favorite Edcamp Logos


Check out this awesome incorporation of the Gateway Arch for Edcamp St. Louis.


Who’s Maine’s little friend? Why, it’s a lobster, of course!


Watch out! Hangerstown has a flaming apple Edcamp cannon!


Do you have the pulse on education? Madison’s Edcamp sure does!


We can’t imagine a friendlier logo than Friendswood’s!


You can learn more about Edcamps and how to organize your own on the Edcamp Wiki, or find out more about how Flocabulary can sponsor your Edcamp.