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Different Speeds for Different Needs: Try Our New Speed Adjustment Feature

We want Flocabulary to work for every one of your students, in every classroom setting. One of the top-requested features we heard from teachers was to have the ability to control the speed of our videos. Well, we listened. Now, you can adjust the speed of every video on Flocabulary!



There are two big reasons we developed this feature. First, we want to make Flocabulary more accessible. If the content is presented too quickly for your students, now you can adjust the speed so that the lyrics are more easily understood. And secondly, we want Flocabulary to be more useful. You can listen to a song once at full speed, and then slow it down while students read along with the lyrics or write out the fill-in-the-blanks to support deeper learning experiences.

Try it yourself: in the upper left corner of any video, click the button that says “Original Speed.” There, you’ll find two other speed settings to choose from. And don’t worry! That button disappears when the video plays so it won’t disrupt your Flocab viewing pleasure.

Teachers and students alike can now slow down every Flocabulary video to improve comprehension, focus on specific ideas and make it easier to read along! Let us know your ideas for using the speed adjustment feature in the comments below!