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Character Education Videos: Tolerance

We live in a diverse world, and with technology making it easy to interact with people all across the globe, tolerance is more important than ever. Learning to be respectful and tolerant of different races, religions and personal beliefs is an essential part of growing up in a globalized world.

The following Flocabulary songs feature a theme about judgment and tolerance. Below the videos, we have discussion questions you can use with your students. And don’t miss our other songs and videos to teach Character Education.

Songs About Tolerance

Harrison Bergeron8th Grade: “Harrison Bergeron”

This song encourages students to examine the true meaning of equality. It is about a society where everyone is made to be equal, but in an unexpected way. Ask: How were people made “equal” in this song? Was this wrong or right in your opinion? What does equality really mean? Watch now.


On TrialHigh School: “On Trial”

This song reminds students to not judge a person based on their appearance. Ask: What was the crime committed? Why was the defendant accused of this crime? Who was really responsible? Watch now.



Questions for Discussion

  • How were characters in these songs tolerant? How were they intolerant?
  • Why do we judge others?
  • Do you think it’s possible to never judge someone based on their appearance or beliefs? Explain.
  • What do you think it means to be tolerant? Should we ignore our differences entirely?

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