Using Flocabulary For Brain Breaks In Testing Season

5 Ways to Use Flocabulary for Test Prep Brain Breaks

Test taking (and preparation!) can be stressful. In the midst of testing season–and all year long–Flocabulary is here to help. Not only do our 800+ units support your students with understanding core content, but we have several units to prepare students with relevant test-taking skills and terms.

That said, taking an occasional brain break provides an opportunity for students to relieve stress from tests while still learning. Flocabulary has plenty of resources to help your students take a breather from test prep while still keeping their gears turning!

Learn How to Manage Time & Set Goals

Our Time Management and Goal Setting units can help students learn how to set and reach their goals, while managing a busy schedule. Watch them below:

Time Management
Goal Setting
Sing Along with a Karaoke-Style Unit

We can’t be the only ones who find karaoke to be a therapeutic experience, right? Give our eight karaoke-style units a go to blow off some steam—maybe our middle school vocab unit, for starters?

Too Easy (Karaoke Unit)
Take a Breather to Build Math Fluency

Speaking of belting out Flocab tunes, we often see live performances from students the Twittersphere. Check out these students practicing their math facts together:

Our interactive math songs, which include breaks in the beat for students to answer math facts, are a great way to practice addition and subtraction or multiplication and division as a group.

Build Social & Emotional Skills to Manage Anxiety and Frustration

If you work with elementary students, our social and emotional learning units on managing worry and frustration can also help!

Managing Worry
Managing Frustration
Play Mini Games & Word Problems

Don’t forget, Flocabulary has plenty of helpful resources beyond our catchy videos. Our mini games are a great way to bolster vocabulary when prep time is scant and you have a few minutes to spare before class ends.

So there you have it! Five ways and plenty of Flocabulary resources you can use to give your students a well-deserved breather during testing season. How else do you use Flocabulary for brain breaks during the school year? Leave us a note in the comments, or shoot us a message on Twitter (don’t forget to tag it with #HowWeFlocab!).