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4 Questions with Dillon Maurer

Flocabulary artist Dillon Maurer has two passions: music and food. So when Dillon isn’t writing and recording songs for Flocabulary or tutoring students in Atlanta, you can find him in the kitchen, whipping up some breakfast burritos or fried green tomatoes. We put Dillon through our 4 question interview to see what he had to say about inspiration, education, humility and, of course, food.

1. What inspires you as an artist?
It sounds a little trite, but I’m truly inspired by life itself. I believe we are all artists, no matter what our craft, so for me, I’m just trying to capture whatever comes my way: love, good times, bad times, etc. I’m also inspired by others around me who are on the same page. I’m always trying to get better. What’s more inspiring than the people who actually are better? And then food of course. I love food.

2. What motivated you as a student?
As a student I was always self-motivated and academically driven for many reasons. Of course I wanted to do well to make my folks proud, but also it was always just in me – to me I’ve always wanted to achieve, and I believe that comes with hard work. Plus, as I got a little older, I realized that the more work you put into school/education – the easier it becomes, and doors will constantly open for you as long as you remain dedicated and focused.

3. What connections do you see between education and hip-hop music?
They’re connected in so many ways. You can argue that hip-hop can be an act of education, in and of itself. A key component of education is humility, the ability to say – “Wow, this is something I didn’t know, let me pay attention here and see how it applies to me?” – same with hip-hop – whether its the craft of making beats, DJing, break dancing, writing lyrics, graffiti, performance, etc. If you aren’t humble enough to pay your dues and learn your craft, you could end up looking like a sucker.

4. What is your favorite wintertime recipe?
Yes! My favorite wintertime recipe probably has to be “Pho” which is a Vietnamese noodle soup that is absolutely amazing. It generally comes with a gang of fresh veggies – cilantro, onion, sweet basil, jalapeños, carrot, broccoli, and tofu. You mix rice noodles and the veggies into the broth and add some hot Chili Sauce and its an amazing “warm-me-up” food. And it’s cheap!