Flocabulary Privacy Policy Update

We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy

We recently updated our Privacy Policy to include information related to our new mobile application. Protecting the information of students, teachers, and other Flocabulary users is of utmost importance to us, and we’re a signee of Pledge to Safeguard Student Privacy. Aside from additions pertinent to our mobile application, no other changes have been made; the updated policy doesn’t change how any personal information is collected or used by Flocabulary. You can view our complete privacy policy here.

Molly Cronin

Molly's love of education began when she landed her first job at age 17 as a preschool teacher's aide, where she changed countless diapers and led groups of toddlers in many a nursery rhyme. She studied communications, marketing, and education at Cornell University, where she wrote articles for university publications, co-hosted a radio show and led PR for a children's advocacy organization. After a stint in the crazy world of agency PR, she now blends her background in communications and her passion for education in her sales and partnership work at Flocabulary. When she's off Flocab duty, she can be found scouring food blogs and old cookbooks or traipsing around Alphabet City.

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