Two Truths & A Lie – The Lesson Plan

Two Truths & A Lie started out as an ice-breaker or a party game. The rules are simple. You say three things about yourself: two are true, and one is a lie. The rest of the group tries to pick out the lie. And in the process, you get to know some ludicrous things about your new friends or classmates. It’s a fun, quick way to build classroom culture.

But we’ve taken this game a step further with The Week in Rap. Each week, we create a varying printable activity to accompany the video. This week, students can play Two Truths & a Lie with the news. They’ll test their knowledge of current events by discerning the fake headlines from a list of real ones. After you watch The Week in Rap, click the Activities link on the side of the video page. Or download the Two Truths & a Lie worksheet now by clicking here.

Two Truths and a Lie Week in Rap Activity

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