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Try Our Karaoke-Style Units on Flocabulary!

Update (March 14, 2017): We’ve added more karaoke-style units to Flocabulary! Check ’em out below.

At Flocabulary, we’re always looking for exciting ways to boost student engagement. After hearing from educators (and a vision to try something new), we’re excited to share an initial roll-out of karaoke-style Flocabulary videos!

Now, your students can test their hip-hop chops with the Flocab pros by rapping along to actual Flocabulary videos. We’ve created karaoke-style videos for several popular Flocabulary units for you to try out with your students. Watch them below:

End Punctuation - Flocabulary Karaoke Video

“End Punctuation”
Grammar (Grades K-3)

Simple & Compound Sentences - Flocabulary Karaoke Unit

“Simple & Compound Sentences”
Grammar (Grades 2-5)

Subject & Predicate - Flocabulary Karaoke Unit

“Subject & Predicate”
Grammar (Grades 3-12)

Parts of Speech - Flocabulary Karaoke Unit

“Parts of Speech”
Grammar (Grades 2-8)

Life Science (Grades 6-12)

“Too Easy”
Vocabulary (Grade 7)

“Earth Layers & Plate Tectonics”
Earth & Space Science (Grades 6-12)

We’d love for you to check ‘em out, and more importantly, let us know what you think! Once you’ve explored the karaoke-style videos, share your feedback with us through this short survey. Based on your feedback, we may expand the karaoke-style videos to even more units!

We hope you’ll give our karaoke-style units a try (and don’t forget to share your Flocab learning experiences with #HowWeFlocab)! Questions? Leave a comment here, or drop us a line.

Emily Gover

Emily helps lead up Flocabulary's content marketing and community efforts. Outside of the Flocab office, she can be found listening to podcasts, watching Scrubs for the nth time in a row, blogging, traveling, tweeting, or belting out karaoke. She is fluent in memes and gifs, and her favorite Flocab video is "Dracula Junior."

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