The Week in Rap Junior Shout-Out Contest: Congrats Wayzata High School!

Yes, The Week in Rap Junior has its very own Shout-Out Contest! Our latest winners hail from Plymouth, MN. Tasked with creating a new seasonal celebration, Ms. Honmyhr’s class at Wayzata High School were ready to get the party started – here’s how!

Wayzata High School

A few weeks ago, The Week in Rap Junior covered the change from summer to fall, reviewing the meaning behind the word “equinox.” In our weekly activity, we asked students what they would do if they could invent a new tradition to celebrate the autumn equinox. We wanted to know what people would do for this celebration – and when!

Ms. Honmyhr’s class put their party-planning hats on! They cooked up an idea for for an autumn equinox party that would take place September 23rd right at sundown. Their celebration would include an outdoor bonfire with lots of snacks and goodies to roast in the flames, like hot dogs and s’mores! Sounds like a seasonal celebration we don’t want to miss!

Fantastic festive idea, Wayzata High School! We love it!

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