Flocabulary Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week

Flocabulary Thanks Teachers

Today kicks off Teacher Appreciation Week, and Team Flocab is excited to celebrate educators today, all week, and—let’s be real—all year, too. A few of us from different teams across the company spent some time reflecting on teachers that left an impact on us, and why (reasons range from trumpet to world traveling!).

Check it out:

From all of us at Flocabulary, we appreciate you and thank you for all you do for your students and your community. Have a great #TeacherAppreciationWeek!

Emily Gover

Emily helps lead up Flocabulary's content marketing and community efforts. Outside of the Flocab office, she can be found listening to podcasts, watching Scrubs for the nth time in a row, blogging, traveling, tweeting, or belting out karaoke. She is fluent in memes and gifs, and her favorite Flocab video is "Dracula Junior."