"Teach Me How to Study" – YES!!!

For anyone that doesn’t know, there’s a very popular song that’s been out called “Teach Me How To Dougie” by California Swag District. What Mr. Cee and his 8th graders did is “Hip-Hop Classroom” it up, in an incredible way.

Here’s their description. Enough said:
“teAch me how 2 dOugie REMIXED by 8th grAde students @ celerity nascent charter school locAted in tha heart of Los Angeles…

concept.. shOt.. directed.. and cut by their technology teacher, Mr. Cee”

Challenge your kids to remix a popular and current hip-hop song with lyrics praising academic excellence for a fun, powerful project!

Here it is:

4 thoughts on “"Teach Me How to Study" – YES!!!

  1. A. Messenger

    This is FANTASTIC! Perfect timing- I used this today with my 6th grade music students in an urban school in Rochester Ny. We’re working on writing positive raps that have a positive message, and the kids absolutely loved this video. It helped them understand the importance of getting a message across to their audience. Way to go kids- this is fantastic!!

  2. Debbie Perry

    Awesome work…will definitely use with my ELA classes at an alternative school in CHarleston, SC!! Thanks:)


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