The Art Of Rhyme Writing

The Art of Rhyme Writing

In order to be a great rapper, you have to have an understanding of how to write rhymes. Mastering rhyme schemes and learning how to utilize slant and near rhymes comes with time and practice, and there are many ways to go about learning the skill. We wanted to explore how different rappers go about writing their rhymes, since the art of rhyming is so crucial to an emcee's style. So we interviewed two of our own Flocab artists, and broke down some bars formulaically.

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The Hip-Hop Game of Skillz

That's right: A hip-hop board game that educates players about the history of the genre and the culture intertwined with it, connects "rap culture slang" to standard English, and more. Learn more about this innovative and engaging (and educational) game here. How did we find out about this? Folks connected to the Hip-Hop Skillz creators reached out to us! Here's what Shon wrote: "I enjoyed looking at all the work other educators are doing to use hip-hop as an engaging tool to embrace youth culture and get them involved more actively in the learning process. I noticed you did not…

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