Bright Ideas For A Successful Flocabulary Implementation

Bright Ideas for a Successful Flocabulary Implementation

District tech coaches have a crucial job of onboarding teachers across grade levels, subjects and schools with new tech tools. It's a domino effect: Engaging teachers with effective ways to teach with new tools results in deeper usage in the classroom, affecting how students learn all year long. Beaufort County School District's tech coaches have demonstrated exemplary leadership through their implementation of Flocab across their 30 schools. We spoke with Flocabulary MC Educator Eve Heaton and her team on what they've learned about effectively spreading the word about Flocab throughout their district.

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3 Questions with An Amazing Educator

When we went down to do some professional development and student workshops in Clinton, North Carolina, we met some amazing people. One of the standouts is an educator named Tonya Hannah. Tonya has taught U.S. History and Social Studies in middle and high school. As soon as we met her, we knew we wanted to interview her and share her insights with the world. Enjoy! 1. What has been the most effective technique you've used in the classroom? The most effective technique I’ve used in my classroom is a survey that I give my students the first day of class. …

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