Shout Out Contest Results: Your Birthday in History

Every week we have a new Week in Rap Shout Out Contest, and our favorite submission wins a shout out for their school. This week we asked you to write a rap describing what has happened on the month and day of your birthday throughout history. Our winning entry comes from Highland Park Middle School in Highland Park, New Jersey. Zeyue’s birthday, November 11, has been very eventful over the years!

November 11, my birthday
A load of history on this day
In 1918, World War 1 ended
With a treaty in a railway car, how splendid
Germany was worn, with little power
Surrendered to the Allies, or they would devour
God Bless America, in 1938
First performed, a patriotic date
At first, the unofficial national anthem, solemn song
Was different from the comedic show, not getting along
The author wanted it to reflect the state of the world
He changed the song, curled and twirled
Kate Smith introduced it, Armistice Day, to the public
Singing it on radio, to the republic
The US in the Vietnam War, North support
Ended in 1972, turning over the fort
Up to 1983, Egypt and Israel were fighting
Until the US made a cease-fire agreement, how exciting
Boris Yeltson, in 1987, Moscow Communist chief
Removed for criticizing, a great relief
Would you want to listen to a person all day
Saying hurry up with the reform and don’t delay
Women priests in England, no way
Until the Church voted in 1992, yay
The motion was started in 1975
But it was not till 1992 that it came alive
In 1985, Patton was born
He died, now everyone is forlorn
He fought Germany, the barmy
Commanding the US 7 Army
Leading the US 3 through France
And into Germany, a great expanse
The second president, John Adams
His wife was born the 11 , Abigail Adams
If not for her, the first lady
The Declaration of Independence may have been shady
“Remember the Ladies” she told John
If not for her, women may not be so strong
November 11 is not just any day
It is a special holiday
We thank the veterans on this day
For serving our country, hip hip hooray
They have protected us from other armies
And helped fight for other countries
So we honor them, those who fought valiantly for this country and others, too
With parades and military ceremonies, oh thank you
For fighting so bravely and protecting us all
From armies seeking to destroy us, making us fall
We have survived, because you saved us
And now we show our thanks, without having to discuss
November 11 is a special date
When many things happened, things that are great
So whether you skimmed this or read it through
I want you to think about it in another view
Of all that had happened, on this day
Think about it now, do not delay

Great work, Zeyue! Thank you to everyone who submitted this week! Don’t forget to enter the Shout Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out for your school in next Friday’s Week in Rap.

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