Shout Out Contest Results: Flocabulary App Ideas!

Have you been entering our Week in Rap Shout Out Contest? Every week we give students a new contest, and our favorite submission wins a shout out for their school! This week, we challenged you to make up a Flocabulary app. What would it do? Who would it be for? What features would it have?

We received a lot of amazing submissions with all sorts of fun ideas, from sing along rap games to interactive vocabulary challenges and more. Our winner comes from the Arizona School for the Arts. With no further ado, the winning submission:

If I were to develop an app for Flocab, it would start with a menu with all Flocab’s topics: (vocab, science, social studies, etc) Then, the user would select a video, and after watching it there would be a short quiz of about 5-10 questions, quizzing you over the content of the video like meanings of the vocab words used and facts learned in each video. A progress bar at the top of the app would show your mastery of each topic. But here is where it gets good: To encourage more people to keep playing and learning, people can compete against each other. So if me and a friend are studying for a test and we need to know about American History, we can watch the video together, then it becomes a competition. The screen splits down the middle, so I have four multiple choice answers on my side, and my friend has four on their side. Whoever gets the most right wins.

The submission from 16-year-old Scott even included this awesome concept image for the two-player mode:

So congratulations to the Arizona School of the Arts! We love Scott’s game idea. There were so many great submissions this week that we wanted to share some of our other favorites:

The Flocabulary app has games and a link to the Week in Rap. It also includes educational games for all ages. In this app, there are 4 games: Rhyme Time, Rap mad-libs, Rap maker and Background Beats. Rhyme Time is a game with different difficulties to match each kid’s rhyming ability. It teaches rhyming in a fun way. Rap Mad-Libs is a fill in the blank game but at the end you will have a fun and silly rap that you may enjoy. This game is also good for all ages to take pleasure in. Rap Maker is a fun and awesome activity. You can type in what you want your rap to say. Then you pick you rockin’ tune or background music. After those selections, you pick the voice of the person rapping. Background Beats is a game where you make your own creative beats that you can use while playing rap maker. In all of these games, you earn tokens and if you save up enough tokens you may win a prize.

– Amherst Middle School, NH

A game where you can access the flocab library and you can rap with them. You can also choose a difficulty level (easy, medium, hard and impossible). Difficulty changes speed and accuracy needed to complete rap. This would use the microphone on the device and voice recognition software to determine accuracy. One variation would leave out key words and the player would have to improvise a good rhyme and flow.

– French American International School, OR

The logo for the app will be a box with four sections. In the section there is a picture of the following: School house, book, music note, game controller. The flocabulary “F” will be in the middle. The logo represents what the app is going to include (music, fun, games, and education). When logged into the app the welcome screen appears. The most current week in rap will be in the center of the screen. A search bar will be at the top of the page with the different subjects that people can click on to view videos. Subjects will have icons related to the subject so people know what they are clicking on. At the bottom of the login screen there will be “running news” just like on news stations today that are always giving updates on the current news. At the bottom of the page there is a search bar where people can search topics to look for videos that they are interested in. There is also a tab where people can upload their own videos that they made or sent requests for subjects they would like to see turned into a video. While watching a video: The video is playing in the middle of the screen and on the side are links to the resources where the information was taken from. Lesson plans, activities, and games are also on the side where people can click on them to gain more information. People can also create a profile that shows there favorite videos and recommendations appear that they might find useful. Their uploaded picture is on the profile page.

– Crestwood Middle School, MD

Thanks to everyone for putting in so much thought into your submissions! Hopefully one day we’ll have a Flocabulary app even halfway as cool as the ones you all came up with.

Don’t forget to enter this week’s Shout Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out for your school in next Friday’s Week in Rap!

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