Shout Out Contest Results: Favorite Word Poems!

Every week we have a new Week in Rap Shout Out Contest, and our favorite submission wins a shout out for their school. This week we asked you to get in groups and come up with a list of your favorite words, then make a poem using them. You guys have some great favorite words! Our pick for the win comes from Bak Middle School of the Arts in Palm Beach, Florida, who submitted this highly evocative poem:

Eccentric, jazzy hipster cat
Strutting triumphantly down the street
Basking in the discord of the mayhem
Reveling in the cacophony of the night
It’s magic, electric, acoustic
Taking pride; the king of the ‘hood

Those are some very rich favorite words! Another one we enjoyed comes from Melissa Intermediate School in Texas. Check out their school pride:

Yo Flocab, wassup, its Melissa ISD
And you know we are the V.I.P.’s
Of our school district, so we better be strict
If we don’t win the week-in-rap contest, we’ll be sick!
So, let’s move on and accelerate,
Cuz if we do good, there’s a shout-out in our fate.
You know we will never discombobulate,
We got a beast of a school, so haters gonna hate!
Before the apocalypse brings you down,
Like a rocket with its fuselage on the ground,
You gotta be athletic and get some extra credit
Or sit back, relax, then just let it slide like a cosmic meteorite
Or do sports float your boat? Then, let’s set it right,
Our football team is the one and only,
After us, other teams are gonna start moaning!
If you shout out Melissa ISD you know,
You’ll get real popular, maybe make some dough!
Epic as a moustache, we’re done for the night,
Shout out to us and you will see the light. PEACE!!!!!

Our third place runner-up comes from Dennis Lab School in Illinois, who submitted this identity poem from the perspective of the class.

We are united and unique
We wonder how far our education can go
We hear words of respect
We see our successful future
We want to collaborate
We are united and unique
We pretend we are a family
We feel creative and talented
We touch our future
We worry about how our life will turn out
We cry when we see people cry
We are united and unique
We understand the life ahead of us
We say we will never give up
We dream for a happy life
We try to drive ourselves to success
We hope for a bright future
We are united and unique

Thanks to everyone for the amazing submissions this week! Don’t forget to enter this week’s Shout Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out for your school in next Friday’s Week in Rap.

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  1. Thanks for picking my class. We recently learned the “I am” Poems and I asked if we could do a ” We are” Poem. Anyway, Thanks for picking us for third. Are school is proud of us, And our teacher. So, Thanks Flocab, That’s really cool. Didn’t think we would get close but we did
    That’s what were about, Yet thanks again
    School is proud
    So is the town!
    But, Isat starts Monday you know how hard (Background) How hard?!
    So hard you can’t belive Its like learning something on your own!
    All I need to know is Division
    And Subtraction!!!!
    Flocab helps with my Critical thinking, I think I can pass!
    Maybe,Maybe Not, YES I CAN!!
    That’s what Dennis lab is about!!!!
    I wrote a small rap about what us 5th grade is up to.
    By the way… Did I say Peace?!?!?

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